Nick McWilliams reporting – While in the midst of rising coronavirus cases, Ohio avoided a major spike following Thanksgiving.

Governor Mike DeWine addressed the state Monday to give an update on measures, numbers, and vaccines in the state.

He says that health officials were pleased that residents avoided severe spikes in cases and hospitalizations connected with gatherings during Thanksgiving.

“What we hope is that we’re going to see is people pull back and be very, very careful [with] fewer contacts over Christmas. It’s a longer period of time, people, like in our family, and historically have celebrated on Christmas Eve. And then of course go through New Year’s. We’re just asking Ohioans to one more time step up.”

However, DeWine went on to note that while efforts worked for the time being to prevent further spread, relaxation of regulations and suggestions during the remaining 2020 holidays will ultimately result in an even rockier road ahead.

Officials urge residents to heed the same warnings, limit interactions outside of your own home, wear a mask, work from home if possible and continue to limit the spread.

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