Mary Alice Reporting – The holidays are typically a mad rush and a local police department is asking drivers to not get caught up in the fast pace.

The New Philadelphia Police Department reminds anyone driving to obey the traffic laws and arrive safely at their destination.

Chief Mike Goodwin adds to not get caught up in any road rage incidents that may happen when someone is in a hurry.

“If they’re in more of a hurry than you, just let them go and be on their way and don’t get involved with them and avoid any type of conflict.”

With Christmas shopping at the forefront, Goodwin points out that vehicles, parked at home or at a store parking lot, should always be locked and items somewhat hidden.

“We have a lot of people that are opportunistic to just come by and lift your car door handle to see if it’s open and rummage through it. If you’re out shopping and you have anything of value, and you’re going from store to store, please secure it in the trunk so it’s out of sight. Don’t leave your purse or cell phone out in plain view.”

He adds to use patience on the roadway and in the stores to not get involved in any confrontation.

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