Nick McWilliams reporting – As the snow has quickly arrived in the Tuscarawas Valley, it’s time to get your car ready for winter.

Temperatures are expected to stay low throughout this week, which could create issues with a few key components in vehicles.

AAA East Central Spokesperson Jim Garrity says that first and foremost, batteries should be tested to ensure no issues will occur.

“Last winter [we] responded to more than 66,000 calls for dead batteries. That’s a lot. We replaced nearly 15,000, we jumpstarted many, many more. So, I think we need to get the word out to folks that if you have a battery that’s more than three years old, you really need to get it tested. Especially this year, with the quarantine and the pandemic, and people driving less.”

In addition to battery checks, drivers are advised to have a good set of jumper cables at the ready as well.

Also pack an emergency kit in case you find yourself stuck, which includes water, blankets, coats, non-perishable food and other applicable items.

Drivers should also check tire pressures, due to dropping temperatures causing lower levels. Poor tire pressure can decrease fuel mileage and potentially lead to a blowout.

Information about car safety and roadside assistance can be found on the AAA website.

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