Mary Alice Reporting – A reappraisal will be reflected for the 2022 tax year for property owners in Tuscarawas County.

This occurs every six years, with the last one being done in 2016 by John G. Cleminshaw Inc., a professional mass appraisal firm.

That same firm will conduct the latest review and will assess over 66,000 parcels of property within Tuscarawas County, according to Auditor Larry Lindberg.

“Looking at the exterior view. They may walk around the house making sure our measurements are correct and trying to come up with the best value as possible. They’re going to look at various other buildings that may be on. Those all impact the value and of course swimming poles and fences.”

He explains that the intent of the appraisal is to not increase taxes but rather a way to equalize value.

“So that you’re being taxed on a fair value of your home. In some areas of the county sales prices may be going and in other areas sale prices may be going down. We’re just trying to make sure everyone pays a fair share.”

Those employed by the appraising company will be in marked cars and wearing badges. Residents with questions or concerns are asked to contact the Tuscarawas Auditor’s Office at 330-365-3220.

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