Mary Alice Reporting –  The fate of the Dennison Railroad Festival is in jeopardy unless willing individuals step into leadership roles.

The current committee, including a board chair, co-chair, and other office holders, are stepping down after serving the festival for over 20 years.

Chairman Greg DiDonato says they need people to go into these position to run the festival and ensure all committees are accomplishing their projects.

“Attendance is still good. Still makes a profit. The issue is having leadership. You have to have somebody say that they are going to be in charge.”

Unless folks take over the leadership positions, the festival will not happen in 2020.

A public meeting is being held this Saturday for anyone interested in saving the 5013c Railroad Festival that has been an annual event for 40 years. DiDonato’s hope is that individuals, who don’t have to live in the Village of Dennison, will step up and take charge.

“There had to be a message put out that this can’t happen without volunteers. Without people willing to say, I’ll take care of the entertainment, I’ll book the vendors, I’ll run the queens contest, or I’ll be willing to be the chair that works with all those parties.”

The festival contributes to the community by putting raised money into improvement projects, with $1 million spent over its existence.

The September 7th meeting at 10am will be held in the First Presbyterian Church of Dennison located at the corner of 3rd and Grant Street.

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