Mary Alice Reporting –

Sighting violations of not keeping religion and state separate, New Philadelphia City School is urged to not display a Ten Commandments plaque.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a letter concerning the display at Welty Middle School near the auditorium entrance.

A press release from the organization cited that this creates strain for students already under the pressure from peers.

New Philadelphia Superintendent David Brand explains that there are currently looking into the matter over the Ten Commandment display, which was presented from a graduating class.

“This plaque was a gift from the Class of 1926 and it’s been in place since the 1920s when that portion of the middle school/high school was opened. We are currently reviewing all of our options. Trying to do that due diligence to make the best decision for our students, the district, and the community.”

Brand stresses that the school district is not promoting religion in any way to students.

(Photo from FFRF)

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