Mary Alice Reporting – Tuscarawas County Water and Sewer District’s engineer presented a proposed study plan to the County Commissioners.

At the board’s Monday meeting, Mike Jones detailed a capital improvement study for existing Midvale facilities and an outlying area that is underserved.

For the Midvale/Barnhill/Brightwood/Kerr/Baltzley Valley area, the plan is to look at the existing infrastructure and create a long-term projection.

“Pumps stations over the next five to ten years, we need to invest in [an unknown] number of dollars in upgrading those pump stations, we have septic tanks we operate and maintain, maybe we have [an unknown] number of tanks we need to replace, some might need repaired and we’re just putting together a good financial program.”

The Village of Roswell and Mill Township have non-sewered areas.

“We’re looking at, in Mill Township, the Newport-based area, North 2nd and 3rd Street extensions, Maple Grove, Gatchell Road, Superior Road, and Wardell Hollow.”

The planning phase cost breaks down to $82,000 and $100,000 has already been allocated from ARPA funding. The engineering fee for the capital improvements is $12,500, for a report that excludes Mill Township the cost is $59,000, and for the plan for the township areas the amount is $10,500.

Part of the study would also look at the Twin City Water and Sewer District’s region, specifically for the township, and if they have the capacity.

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