Mary Alice Reporting –

In a recent ODOT episode of “The Loop”, a local Christmas display was mentioned and folks can still see it through the 25th.

This extensive spectacle was started in 1986 by District 11 Transportation Administrator Dave Glazer.

Digital Media Coordinator, with the Ohio Department of Transportation, Erin McBride noted the achievement where each character is cutout by Glazer’s father and hand-painted by his mother and family.

“The display includes nearly 300 cutout and hand-painted characters that stretch a half-mile long on either side of the road.”

The display starts in October but grows each weekend through December.

Residents can enjoy the multitude of characters along Espenchied Rd. SW, just off of Stonecreek Road (CR 21), in New Philadelphia.

The display is lit through Christmas from 5pm to 10pm.

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