Mary Alice Reporting – If anyone has a small get together this weekend or for New Year’s, a local health department is asking everyone to be mindful if alcohol is present.

Tuscarawas County Safe Communities says one option is to also offer mock tails and be a responsible host.

Coordinator Kelly Snyder notes that one drinking is one too many to ensure safe driving.

“When you are drinking, remember, you know a lot of people think I’ll drink a cup of coffee or eat a sandwich and that’s going to sober me up, but what we have to remember is that time is the only think that’s going to sober you up.”

Another safety tip, for a host, is to take the keys away from anyone who had been drinking alcoholic beverages and do not have a sober driver.

Snyder adds that drunk-driving-related fatalities are preventable, and drivers must remember that driving impaired by any substance — alcohol or other drugs — is deadly, illegal, and selfish behavior.

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