Nick McWilliams reporting – With hundreds of dogs adopted each day, the American Kennel Club is offering some tips when it comes to adoption.

The AKC is promoting their 200th breed to be recognized in the Bracco Italiano, and hoping to inspire more families to adopt dogs into their homes.

Vice President of Public Relations and Communications Brandi Munden says that families need to carefully analyze their daily lives, activities, and available time when considering adopting.

“You want to assess your lifestyle, first and foremost. You want to make sure that whatever breed you have, fits into your lifestyle. You don’t want a coach potato if you’re trying to go out and be active, but you don’t want a dog that needs a ton of activity when you’re just trying to be at home.”

The AKC advocates to always research breeders when purchasing a dog, or asking questions about why an animal was left at a shelter.

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