Mary Alice Reporting – The new executive director for the Rainbow Connection is learning the ends and outs before taking over in 2021.

After an interview process, Perci Garner was selected to take over the position being vacated by Carmel Haueter, who is retiring after 22 years.

Throughout this month, Garner is learning about the center and one surprising piece was the rethinking that people just don’t come to the Rainbow Connection when they need help but the center’s staff works to bridge the gap.

“Carmel made it a point, you know, where there are times that people might not be aware or thinking of how they can get help. A lot of people, not saying they’re prideful, but it’s just you think about how I can get through this, and it may take someone outside of your family to bring up the Rainbow Connection.”

To start with, Garner is learning the organization from the ground up.

“Obviously, I’m not going to run it exactly like her, cause I’m not Carmel, but I want to know exactly what she does and fit in my strength where I can apply them and see exactly what she’s built over the last 22 years, and just try to keep the ship running.”

He adds that one highlight, is the other projects that the Rainbow Connection has been instrumental in such as the Challenger Baseball Field build and the organization can do further.

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