Nick McWilliams reporting – Amid complaints of noise and rumbling houses, the city of Uhrichsville is taking aim at truck traffic on a route on the north end of town.

City officials discussed North Water Street Extension Thursday night, and the current pavement condition.

Three Uhrichsville residents attended and expressed their concerns, and Mayor Mark Haney says that the city’s concerns lie mostly with heavy trailers and freight causing damage, not with local deliveries or businesses with smaller loads.

“Our main focus, right now, are the gravel trucks. The quad axles and tri-axles that are causing the most damage. Really, let’s be honest, the pop truck [and smaller loads] are not causing the damage that a quad axles truck that’s hauling almost 30 tons of material is doing to the road.”

Letters are expected to be sent out to local businesses with freight operations related to new restrictions, which include the city placing No Through Truck signs on the route and enforcing the new regulation.

Law Director J.J. Ong says that warnings will be written, but further violations could lead to penalties, with the mayor adding that penalties for hauling through non-permitted areas can be costly to drivers and companies.

“We’ve had discussions over the phone with them, and it’s come to the point where we’re going to send them something with our letterhead that says this is what we’ve done, you have 15 days to comply. You can post it at your scale houses, and if you don’t comply, as [Councilman Jim] Zucal said, we’ll give a warning the first time. Second time is not going to be a warning. 

Residents who live on the road claimed trucks speed along the road, and noise has awoken them at various times.

One resident also brought pictures that showed cracks on her foundation blocks that she says came from the heavy truck traffic going through the street.

A suggestion was also taken under consideration for No Jake Brake signs on the route as well.

The signs have been placed from just past McCauley Drive to the city’s corporation limit that borders Midvale at the Johnson Avenue Bridge.

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