Nick McWilliams reporting – Needed maintenance to a small bridge in Uhrichsville is still hung up due to power lines overhead.

A small bridge over a creek on Wardell Street started rapidly deteriorating in March last year, with a sidewalk caving in.

Following inspections, the city determined they would need to make repairs, but issues arose with overhead power lines being close to where work would be done.

Mayor Mark Haney says that the city is still waiting to move in, awaiting word on what can be done to those power transmission cables.

“The only thing holding us up on the Wardell Street bridge is we’re waiting on AEP to give us their estimate to move those high-tension power lines. There’s funding out there for job growth that we’ll be able to hopefully get into to get that box-culvert bridge, it’s 10 foot so it’s considered a bridge, widened and extended to make that road at least up to grade for trucks until we get another access in there.”

Just over a year removed from the initial problems, Haney hoped to see the process moving forward soon, due to the road being the lone access point for a local business, Parts Mart.

Additionally, council discussed working towards claiming land that it’s currently occupied by railroad tracks for the access road to a growing industrial area on the west side of Uhrichsville.

Railroad companies have claimed the line is still active, but Haney noted that rail has been pulled between West 1st Street and Trenton Avenue.

Councilwoman Wendy Mann has been working to have the rail deemed abandoned, and assisting with opening up the land for the access pavement.

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