Nick McWilliams reporting – During a recent meeting, Uhrichsville governmental entities expressed some different opinions on handling an income tax agreement with the village of Dennison and Claymont High School.

Under an agreement first enacted in 1998, Uhrichsville would receive 63 percent of income-tax revenue from the school, with another 37 percent going to Dennison.

Recently, under a legal opinion from Columbus-based law office Ice Miller LLP, Uhrichsville claimed the agreement was outdated and not legally binding, with Dennison noting they would look into a legal-action claim of at least the first three-quarters of the income tax for this year.

Mayor Mark Haney discussed the matter during the meeting, with his standpoint being that the roughly $4,200 quarterly balance should be paid, but the “lifetime” agreement being an unusual piece of the contract.

“We maintain the roads for the school. We provide police and fire protection. That’s our job. Even you guys have to agree, an unlimited contract in terms of years, you’ve never heard of. I’ve never seen an unlimited contract that could go lifetime. Do I agree with paying up to [this point?] Yes. That was something we talked about when the lawyers get together to negotiate that.”

Others in attendance agreed with the notion of paying what is owed, but Councilmember James Zucal was hesitant to move forward with any legal proceedings potentially costing the city additional dollars.

“I certainly, by no means, don’t think a legal battle is good for either community. One thing that the public likes is that we, as their representatives, are working together with all parties. Meaning city employees, constituents, industries, schools, anyone. And this just doesn’t look good for any of us.”

Zucal added that with a close relationship between the communities, honoring the longstanding agreement would be the best idea for the time being

All members in attendance agreed paying the balance owed would be the proper course of action.

The discussion is expected to continue into the regularly scheduled meeting of council on Thursday.

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