Mary Alice Reporting – Almost 6,000 calls were responded to in the City of Uhrichsville and police already have several open cases to start 2021.

The Uhrichsville Police Department rounded out the year with 364 calls for December with over 15% of calls occurring on Mondays and Fridays.

Chief Vince Beal said that, for all of 2020, the calls that came to the station totaled 5,722. Currently, he noted that at least five detailed investigations are open.

“We do need more manpower to deal with the types of calls that we’re dealing with. The types of calls that we’re dealing with that take a lot of time. I think the community would be better served if we had the manpower to invest in some of these investigations that we need to be diving into a lot deeper.”

In the different areas of the city, most calls Uhrichsville police respond to consist of domestic disputes, disorderly subject, juvenile related, petty theft, a suspicious person, assisting another department/unit or ambulance, alarm activation of a business or office, property improvement notices, civil matters, welfare checks, and traffic stops.

Mayor Mark Haney advocated for the consideration of ensuring there are two officers on shift, every shift.

“I think there comes a point when we’re going to have to have two officers every shift, no matter what. It’s become not just a liability but we’re dealing with different cases now. We need at least one or two more officers on our roster. I don’t know how we get to that but at some point I think we have to.”

A few years ago, Beal had presented, to council, the notion of hiring a detective as the number of drug-related arrests and other crimes continue to rise; however, funding was a key issue.

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