City of New Philadelphia Service Director Ron McAbier talks about different upcoming or continuing projects for the 2020 season, such as the paving list.

2020 New Philadelphia Paving List:

  • 2nd St NE ~ Between Ray Ave NE and Summit Ave NE- Grind curb to curb                          • University Dr NE ~ Sections not previously paved- Grind areas needing paved
    • Gooding Ave NW ~ Between 2nd St NW and Jaycee Property- Grind curb to curb              • Beech Ln NW ~ Between North Broadway and 2nd St NW- Grind curb to curb
    • 1st Dr NW ~ Between Fair Ave NW and Ray Ave NW- Grind curb to curb
    • Leo Benjamin Ct ~ Grind curb to curb
    • Park Ave NW ~ Between Union Ave. NW and 4th St. NW- Grind curb to curb
    • Hardesty Ave NW ~ Between Tuscarawas Ave. and Orchard Ave. – Grind curb to curb
    • Sherman Ave NW ~ Between Tuscarawas Ave. and Jordan Dr. – Grind curb to curb
    • Robinson Dr SE ~ Grind the edges only• Ellen Ave SW ~ Between 4th St SW and 5th St SW- Grind curb to curb
    • Larkin Ave SW ~ Between Hilan Ave and Providence- Grind the edges only
    • Lockport Ave SW ~ Between Hummel Ave SW and Thomas Dr. SW Grind edges only
    • Donald Dr SW ~ Top coat of asphalt in the cul-de-sac- Grind only if needed

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