Nick McWilliams reporting – While nearly every driver on the roadway has experience when it comes to snowy conditions, crash statistics show all potential dangers.

With snowfall expected to pick up Wednesday afternoon and evening, a blanket of slippery powder will coat the pavement, with issues inevitably a part of daily commutes.

AAA East Central Spokesperson Jim Garrity says that a few tips will keep drivers safe and heading the right direction this winter.

“Basically, what you want to be doing in terms of your driving habits, is taking the way you normally drive and dialing it back. Slowing down, and giving yourself more room between you and other vehicles in case you need to react to situations on the road. That way, you can do so, and pardon the pun, but given yourself a little bit more of a bumper. And that can help you more appropriately react to situations.”

Statistics show that around half of the total traffic incidents for the year that are attributed to weather, on average, occur during the winter time, with half a million resulting in around 2,000 deaths on the nation’s roadways.

Prepare your car for the winter before setting off, ensure tires are properly pumped up and have a plan in case of an emergency.

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