Nick McWilliams reporting – Entering April, national law enforcement agencies and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reminding all motorists to keep eyes on the road and never fall victim to distracted driving.

Between 2012 and 2020, a total of almost 30,000 motorists died as a result of distracted driving across the United States.

April brings about a reminder to put safety at the forefront of vehicle travel with the weather breaking and more cars hitting the roads each day.

AAA East Central is currently implementing a new campaign, Don’t Drive Intoxicated. Don’t Drive Intexticated, reminding all drivers to stay away from the wheel if they’ve been drinking, and keep cellphones away until reaching a destination.

Outside of texting, activities such as eating, scanning radio stations, inputting GPS navigation, and talking with passengers can contribute to distracted driving incidents.

While 96-percent of drivers said that they feel texting while driving is extremely dangerous, four out of every 10 motorists have admitted to the practice in the last month.

Utilizing passengers to answer phone calls or texts, keeping all items and passengers properly secured, and utilizing Do Not Disturb features can all limit distracted driving incidents.

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