Mary Alice Reporting – In a 3-2 vote, the Claymont Board of Education approved authorizing voluntary staff to go armed within school safety zones.

At their recent meeting, members discussed the option to move forward with the recommendation to have willing employees obtain the required instruction and training.

Board Vice President Lois Grandison said that she had spoken with community members about their thoughts toward teachers carrying concealed guns and she received positive feedback.

“I would say I talked to at least 20 to 30 parents and all the parents said I would hope somebody is armed at the school where my child is at. I did hear from people that didn’t have children but maybe had a grandchild or something, and they all said the same thing.”

On the other side, BOE member Cyndy Host said from the individuals she talked with, there was a 50/50 split over those in favor and against arming staff.

“Full transparency, I can see value in it but then I can see risks in it as well. There were people who thought I think it’s great that somebody [armed] is there and then I had some other people who said the custodial staff, and the cooks, and the bus drivers, and the teachers that are not what they’re supposed to do type thing.”

Claymont Superintendent Brian Rentsch explained that, according to the Ohio Safety Center, districts can enroll at the center and that eight hours of recertification was needed.

It was also asked if anything would need to be added to the union contracts, and Rentsch said that would be a separate procedure.

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