Mary Alice Reporting –

Council in Uhrichsville held their final August meeting Thursday evening, and several requests were made.

The mayor and service director were not present, but some council members laid out questions or asked for information to be provided on several topics.

One request was to have the zoning inspector come to a few meetings to provide updates on how things are going and if improvements are needed.

Councilman John Zucal asked for an update regarding the Downtown Redesign Review committee. Zucal also wanted information about the legal dispute with the Village of Dennison, since a motion for order compelling discovery was filed earlier this month and the city’s attorneys issued a response in opposition on Monday.

“It appears to me, from what I’ve looked at in the Dennison lawsuit, the tax sharing agreement lawsuit, that there’s been a second filing. I caution the city because every time we do that, that doesn’t come free. That comes at a cost with our attorneys in Columbus.”

Councilwoman Amy Myers added that the attorneys in the case should keep council updated on any filings or new motions, even if by email.

Additionally, Zucal passed out information he requested from the Tuscarawas County Health Department related to the water park and the Ohio Administrative Code. He asked council to look over the rules so that further discussion could take place at a later time. This came about after the recreational destination saw early closures or did not open at times over the summer related to staffing numbers or lack of attendees.

In other Uhrichsville Water Park news, administration was asked to provide an employee count and how much over time the street department is conducting on the weekends.

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