Nick McWilliams reporting – A pair of trees will come down in Dennison due to damage and potential hazards.

Mayor Greg DiDonato recently discussed the need to remove the trees at a council meeting, which are in the Thornwood Park area and on Stillwater Circle.

The park tree led to damage of some village-owned property, but DiDonato was more concerned about a potential hazard for park-goers.

“That tree smashed our fence over there, and it’s kind of between two properties. But that’s not the issue. We just need to get it down. If you see the fence, and what it did to the fence, I wouldn’t want it to fall on a fence.”

The mayor said that the village is pricing the removal cost currently.

The other tree has the potential to fall on a resident’s property and is located in the village-owned right-of-way.

“They have a tree hanging over their patio, an old cherry tree, that’s ready to fall. And if it falls, it will smash that patio. We’re going to top it. We don’t need to take it down, but we need to take the top off.”

In other village-related news, the police department hired a new officer, Christopher Vespoint, who is currently in training. Police Chief Todd Beeman said that his training has gone well, and he expects him to be out on his own in the next week or so.

The fire department also received a grant from the Haman foundation for just under $4,800, which will go towards the purchase of nine new pairs of boots.

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