Nick McWilliams reporting – Following record numbers of workers leaving jobs as a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are searching for ways to keep their workforce.

The phenomenon known as the Great Resignation led to over four million people leaving their jobs in September of 2021, an issue spurred on by changing business models and uncertain job security.

In order to combat the ever-changing job market, employers are trying to entice their best workers to stay. Strategic Education recently conducted a survey on the subject of keeping a workforce whole, deemed the Great Retention.

President of Education Technology Services Joe Schaefer says that early indications of greater retention have been linked to employer investment in employees.

“We found that employees are happier than they were a year ago. Up about four percent. But the survey suggests that employee-sponsored education may play an important role in that. Because employees feel more valued, and loyal, when their employer supports their professional development.”

More employers are turning to tuition reimbursement, certifications, and funded online courses to better improve workforce development.

Schaefer says that the approach appears to be two-fold, providing better skilled workers for businesses, while also opening more doors for employees for higher-paying positions.

“Employees obviously benefit when employers do offer that, because they’re able to continue upscaling for pretty dynamic, changing skills requirements. And they’re able to do that at reduced or no cost.”

Some 90 percent of surveyed workers said they would be more likely to stay at a job if professional development paths were offered.

Employees are urged to check for educational benefits in their current jobs, and consider their career paths when picking programing.

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