Nick McWilliams reporting – Before hitting the fields for spring planting, Ohio’s farmers are advised to run through inspections of all equipment.

The Ohio Farm Bureau is issuing the reminder to the state’s agricultural professionals for spring planting season that can save on costly repairs or prevent injury.

OFB Nationwide Risk Management Expert and Farmer Derrick Hommer says that while its vital to keep an eye on risks that might be present in fields, safety can start when moving on roads to plant the first crops.

“We want to just make sure that all those flashers are working, that the lenses are clean when the planner’s going across the field. Sometimes it’s a dust ball, so before it pulls out on the road, I just need to take a minute, wipe the dust off those lenses, and make sure those are good. A lot of our equipment, particularly large equipment, has reflective tape on it. We’re going to want to go ahead and make sure that reflective tape is good.”

He advises checking all chemical products such as fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides for the right mixture before setting off, and ensuring equipment is in proper functioning form.

Lines of communication can also be vital in case of an emergency, according to Hommer.

“Unfortunately, somewhere every year, we hear about somebody that had a medical issue somewhere and nobody really knew about it for three or four hours. We want to make sure that everyone’s got their phones with them so they can communicate. They know where everybody’s at. We’re keeping tabs on everybody.”

Ohio’s farmers are also urged to get proper rest each night, and bring proper hydration and sustenance for each planting session.

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