Mary Alice Reporting –

As of Thursday students attending Claymont City Schools are completely phased in for the 2023-24 term.

The district was able to bump up security over the past few months as work was conducted in office spaces.

Superintendent Brian Rentsch says these improvements were done through ESSER funding and creates a safer school environment since it restricts visitor entrance.

“The Primary elementary and the high school, in essence, have a new office design and new entrance design. They will have a whole new office area and way for visitors to enter our buildings.”

The goal is to also remodel the office at the intermediate building. As for that school in Dennison, masonry and roof work occurred over the summer. 

Some new hiring’s happened with one being a significant role at the 1st and 2nd grade level.

“With the retirement of Richard Page, and Richard worked for the district 31 year, 41 total in education, we have Mr. Nicolas Wright, and he is the principal at the elementary building.”

Rentsch adds that students attending the informational technology for computer and the mechanical principals, or wielding, classes will see some new items.

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