Mary Alice Reporting –

Still protesting the jury’s guilty verdict, a 31-year-old received a prison sentence.

Enrique Durham was in the Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court Wednesday following a July jury trial that had found him guilty on all counts of rape, gross sexual imposition, and child endangering. The victim at the time was between 10 and 13 years old.

Speaking on behalf of the state, Prosecutor Kristin Beard recommend a 38 to life prison term based upon the verdict and Durham’s willingness to put a child through court proceedings. She also noted that Durham has showed no signs of remorse or empathy.

Defense Attorney Anthony Koukoutas argued that when allegations are made, such as those listed, it is his client’s constitutional right to have a fair trial and that can’t be held against him, no matter the age of the accuser.

“Your Honor, he has indicated to me from day one, I didn’t do this, I’m not guilty of this, I’m an innocent man. To say that he doesn’t have remorse when he’s professing his innocence to the charges, I don’t know how he can do that.”

When asked by Judge Michael Ernest, Durham decided to speak.

“I’d like an appeal. I don’t know how I’m found guilty without any type of evidence at all, and when people get up there [on the stand] laughing and smiling like this is a game or something. It’s not a game. I don’t know, man, you know I’m innocent and that’s all I got to say.”

Ernest ultimately issued a life in prison term, with the possibility of parole after 16 years. During his reading of a document in which the judge issued Durham to pay all court costs, the defendant spoke out.

“How you going to get that money? That doesn’t even make sense. Your sentencing don’t even make no sense.”

“You need to be quiet while a finish the sentence. I was respectful throughout these proceedings and you need to be respectful to me.”

Durham, who will also be labeled as a Tier 3 sex offender, was remanded to the Tuscarawas County Jail. He plans to appeal.

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