Mary Alice Reporting – Once the idea of a synthetic ice rink was posted on social media, comments raised some questions and Dennison Mayor Greg DiDonato is responding to several.

In early talks, staffing the facility was unknown and he says that will be solved under the management agreement, under a profit sharing, which will see Cambridge Skate Rink LLC putting up the rink, Dennison will accept part-time applications and then refer back to the group.

Some online questions centered on, if popular, what a time limit would look like and DiDonato explains discussions are still early to put down details like open days, hours, and pricing.

“They are given time limits on the purchase of your tickets and that allows it to keep flowing. On average, most persons spend forty-five minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes outside enjoying skating. We’re still in the stages but we’re talking about developing passes.”

Comments also indicated a lack of parking but if the rink is open Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday, the village’s mayor says this leaves ample parking in business lots that are not utilized during the evening or weekends.

 DiDonato notes that there will be a substance put on the panels, which is equal to putting chemicals in a swimming pool.

“I don’t know whether it’s like a wax substance, what it is, I don’t know. I just know that there is something that does help to use it. This is not a new concept. These things have been out a few years, really longer than that, they’ve just become more affordable.”

Another commenter asked about a rainy winter and if that would affect the synthetic ice, and he explains this will be like any other outdoor equipment seen at parks that are out in seasonal elements.

DiDonato adds that this rink is not being paid with tax payer dollars, instead they are going after grants and donations to bring the activity to the village and the upkeep will come from tickets, skate rentals, and advertisement banners. Total cost is $128,000 and they have reached the half way mark, $64,575, of the fundraising goal.

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