Mary Alice Reporting –

The Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court has reviewed an acquittal motion related to theft in office charges and a new trial will not be held.

A jury hearing commenced on November 8th and they returned a verdict on November 16th, finding Richard Homrighausen guilty on counts of theft in office, soliciting improper compensation, and dereliction of duty. Some of the other counts against the Dover mayor were either dismissed, was not found guilty of, or was acquitted of.

A motion of acquittal or for a new trial was posted by Homrighausen’s attorneys at the end of November. Judge Elizabeth Thomakos reviewed the motion that contained arguments from the defense and the state.

A judgment entry was returned on January 12th in which the court found that the wedding money collected by Homrighausen was “fees that rightfully belong to the City of Dover” and that the defendant did not show “that the same money cannot be legally or logically be both a fee and compensation.” Furthermore, the courts’ entry noted that each guilty crime, “do not conflict, and their elements are not mutually exclusive” and that “there was sufficient evidence” to find these criminal elements guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The final decision was to deny the motion for a new trial or acquittal. Homrighausen is expected to be in court Tuesday afternoon for sentencing.

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