Nick McWilliams reporting – With more motorcycles hitting the roads, the Ohio Department of Public Safety is reminding drivers of a national public awareness month. 

May serves as National Motorcycle Awareness Month with more two-wheeled modes of transportation hitting the roads as the weather breaks for warmer days.

Over 400,000 motorcycles are registered in Ohio, but motorcycle crashes made up 18 percent of the fatal incidents reported in the state in 2022.

As a part of the awareness campaign, Motorcycle Ohio produced a video for 2023, featuring Jefferson County-native Beth Fulton, who urged bike enthusiasts to take a safety course, following the death of her son Jesse Fulton.

“Everyone should do it. Even the seasoned guys who think they know what to do. They crash and they die too. I’ve lost many people to wrecks. I just never thought that I was going to lose my son.”

Ohio is fifth in the nation in terms of ridership for motorcycles, with more riders signing up for maneuvering and safety courses each year.

In addition to safety courses, riders are encouraged to wear protective gear and a certified helmet to improve survivability chances in the event of a crash.

Drivers on all roads are urged to always look twice at intersections for motorcycles, and keep eyes on the road at all times to prevent collisions with motorcycles and other vehicles.

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