Mary Alice Reporting –

Council in the City of New Philadelphia was recently updated on another step in the pursuit of purchasing another fire apparatus.

Chief Jim Parrish gave the presentation with an emphasis on not trying to push council into making a decision but rather to inform them of the current situation of their vehicles and estimated replacement costs.

This was of importance to Parrish as he noted the continued price increases.

“This stuff is really expensive and it’s getting more expensive. Last year, previous to that, fire apparatus was going up in price about four to five percent. Year before last it went up 37%. This year, it’s averaging between 12 and 16 percent increase in cost.”

The 2003 Rescue Engine, bought at $465,000, has an estimated replacement price of $1.4 million.

“The rescue engine goes on auto accidents, industrial accidents, it has all of our extrication equipment on it, farming accidents, things like that. It also has a pump and can function as a fire engine as well.”

The overall proposal is to replace the rescue engine and consolidate the dive equipment, which would allow them to sell the current engine and converted ambulance.

If council would ultimately approve the new purchase, it would take roughly 2.8 years.

Other cost estimates were also provided for ambulance and trucks were also provided to council as information so that member could see the price increase for any potential future purchase needs.

The matter was placed into the Safety, Health, and Services committee for discussion and further recommendation.

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