Nick McWilliams reporting – Recently proposed increases to renewable energy levels in fuels could benefit Ohio’s agriculture according to the state Farm Bureau.

The Renewable Fuel Standard is a federally approved program that requires certain levels of renewable energies in all transportation based fuels, which could increase under a new proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency.

During a conversation with Ohio Farm Bureau Senior Director of Communications and Media Relations Ty Higgins, Senior Director of State and National Policy Brandon Kern says that an increase can directly benefit corn growers, but leaves room for improvement for soy usage in biodiesel.

“I think if you talk to folks on the soy side, they may be a little bit disappointed in the numbers there for biodiesel. So, it’s a little bit of a mixed bag. You know, overall, I think we’re making a lot of progress and making the argument that renewable fuels raised right here in the U.S. survey by American farmers is something that’s going to be a big player here in the future.”

Further efforts sit on the Congressional floor to improve availability of renewable fuels, which includes tax breaks for construction of pumps dedicated to biodiesel and other types of combustibles.

Kern says that there’s been a late push to move the legislation needed to bolster renewable fuels during the lame-duck session, and credited state leaders for making it a priority.

“The governor’s action here in Ohio has been really important. And honestly, I think it’s a very big part of driving the conversation we’re now having at the national level because he and a few of his Midwestern counterparts kind of pushed this issue forward by taking action in their individual states. And lo and behold, we have the American Petroleum Institute on board now.”

The API is looking to provide availability of E15 fuel year round, after Clean Air Act measures prevented its sale in warmer months due to evaporation rates that some believe lead to worse pollution.

The Ohio Farm Bureau was a part of 250 groups to offer support for renewable Fuel production.

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