Mary Alice Reporting – After 12 years of service, United States Senator Rob Portman is stepping away from Washington D.C.

Upon entering and exiting the legislature, it’s customary for a member to make a speech and conducting his farewell on Thursday, Portman, Ohio’s Republican representative, noted his time in office, since 2011, and different accomplishments.

Issues that were a priority for the Cincinnati native included combating the addiction crisis, curbing human trafficking, tax reform, and supporting military members and their families.

“Our mission is to deliver bipartisan results through effective servant leadership with integrity, selflessness, and excellence. What is servant leadership? I think it begins with the respect for constituents by listening to them and understanding their concerns, and then whenever possible delivering those results. As of this week, over the past 12 years, there are 195 bills that I have authored or co-authored that have been signed into law.”

Portman added that both sides of the aisle working together is crucial.

“Serving the people of Ohio is the greatest honor of my life. I’ve worked well with my colleague and friend, from Ohio, Senator Sherrod Brown, and I’m proud of the work we’ve done on issues. Despite our difference we’ve made progress for Ohio together.”

In 2023, taking over the senate seat is J.D.Vance, who, during his campaign, voiced opinions on issues of spending and inflation, the high poverty rates, advocating for energy independence, restoring America’s manufacturing; as well as, continuing to combat the drug and opioid epidemic.

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