Mary Alice Reporting – Jury members heard opening statements in a trial related to sexual contact and conduct against two minors Thursday.

Brock Croy is on trial in Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court on charges of rape and gross sexual imposition involving two girls, ages five and seven, with the alleged misconducted occurring over a 13 month span.

Tuscarawas County Prosecutor Ryan Styer spoke to jurors, noting that his opening was a roadmap of the case and what evidence would be presented over the course of the trial.

“This case is about a babysitter’s husband who was a predator and this case is about when Brock Croy was caught. He panicked, he lied, [and] you’re going to hear him, in real time, conjuring up ridiculous excuses.”

Defending Croy is Attorney Craig McKinney who made remarks about the state concocting a story that has inconsistencies, and asked the jury to put aside their immediate thoughts after hearing the prosecutions opening, and instead focus on what he called the facts.

“Small discrepancies in [the states] stories, their timelines, their unsuccessful search warrant. These aren’t just small things, they’re big things. They’re things to consider. Circumstantial evidence is murky at best. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ll hear fifteen different sides of the story and after all the state’s evidence, you will still be confused on what really happened.”

Both statements mentioned what motive the two girls may have, with Styer saying there was none since they genuinely liked going to the babysitters house and that there is no reason for the children to lie about inappropriate touching.

McKinney argued that the girls had a motive, due to them disliking Croy because he would be the one to issue discipline and after physical discipline was used, the allegations were made.

The trial continues with the state expected to have testimony from law enforcement, medical professionals, victim advocacy, and the two girls.

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