Mary Alice Reporting –

Roadway improvements will be seen in a local city as contractors move in to conduct paving.

The first street to see enhancements will be Jaycee Drive, from Trenton Avenue to the Holiday Avenue intersection.

Mayor Mark Haney says this will be scratch coating.

“Basically, they’re going to fill the rutting cause that road has a lot of rutting from heavy trucks. So, what they’ll do if run a scratch coat first to level it all out and then they’ll put the base and topping coat to finish it.”

Newton Asphalt will then move to Wilcoxen Street, Franklin Street, E. 11th Street from N. Water to Uhrich, and Moravian Trail from South Water to the corporation line.

Haney adds that letter will be dropped off by the city street department alerting effected residents, asking them to not park on the street. Administration adds they will also watch the paving schedule so there’s no interference with the trash or recycling pickup.

“We’ll probably have to assist with trash service. We might have our guys move the cans, if we’re still paving next Friday, move those cans where Kimble can get them and then we’ll put them back.”

Motorists are asked to use caution and watch out for workers, and to also have patience in the event of any delays.

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