Mary Alice Reporting – Social media is a big part of most people’s lives and it has changed the way Americans travel.

One impact of posting vacations online can be people unfollowing someone due to being envious, with an ALG Vacations survey noting 1 in 5 (22%) of men have done this and about 15% of women.

Journalist and traveling expert Stephani Oswald says the survey also revealed that social media can have a positive side, based on the same survey since more than half of Americans report getting vacation ideas and inspiration by scrolling online.

When going on a vacation, Oswald recommends having a stress-free trip by following a few tips.

“Pack your patience. It doesn’t take any room up in your suitcase so you don’t want to sweat the small stuff, and just remember it might take you longer to get from point A to point B. secondly, you want to consider travel insurance. This is no longer a luxury. It’s something you need to do for peace of mind.”

Another tip, based on the destination, is to work with a travel advisor.

If traveling with others, she notes that it’s also important to get pre-approval before posting pictures or videos online.

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