Nick McWilliams reporting – More support is being shown with work ongoing for the next farm bill.

The American Farm Bureau Federation recently surveyed Americans on their thoughts of the agricultural legislation, and how it impacts food and product production.

Director of Communications for the AFBF Kari Barbic says that of those polled, concerns of keeping food accessible and affordable earned the top marks.

“Top priorities for folks were really those risk management tools, especially when we’re looking at, emphasizing the importance of keeping our food supply secure. That resonated with folks, as well as the importance of nutrition programs that you talk a lot about, the importance of a unified farm bill and how farmers are part of that story and growing the food that goes into those nutrition programs.”

The risk management tools most important to food security according to those who answered the pool were crop insurance and agriculture research.

Managing Director of Government Affairs Ryan Yates says that the deadline is fast approaching, with all eyes on Congress and political back-and-forth.

“They know how to get it done and the other thing Congress is good at is writing short term extensions. It has to get done this year, though. We continue to maintain strong pressure on Congress to get this thing done. There’s so much at stake and frankly, Congress was elected to do a job and we’re going to remind them that they need to do that job for the American people.”

The farm bill deadline is the end of September, barring any extensions.

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