Nick McWilliams reporting – With the May Primary election coming in exactly a week, Tuscarawas County elections officials are reminding voters of a few changes.

For the early period, only six days remain to cast ballots for in-person, absentee voting.

Tusc County Board of Elections Director Gail Garbrandt says that despite the Monday before the election being removed from the early voting period, those hours have been allocated elsewhere.

“Those six hours from Monday are not going to be lost. The way that the legislation was passed, it gives the secretary [of state] the discretionary authority to reallocate those six hours, when needed, especially during presidential, midterm, congressional, and gubernatorial elections.”

The period to request an absentee ballot also changed, with the request window now closed. Previously, requests could come in until the Saturday before the election at noon, with Garbrandt adding that the issue stemmed from ensuring ballots would reach their destination in time to be cast on voting day.

Additionally, valid forms of state photo identification are now required, which are most commonly driver’s licenses. Garbrandt says that for voters without a license, Bureau of Motor Vehicles locations are now offering identification cards.

Those cards will be mailed, and a temporary document will be issued until it arrives.

She adds that machines have been tested and verified prior to Election Day.

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