Gwen Rummell Reporting –

With the growing number of surrendered animals, shelters are asking consumers to consider adoption.

“Adopt, Don’t Shop!” is a popular slogan used to encourage people to adopt pets from animal shelters rather than buying from stores and potentially harmful breeders.

Tuscarawas Humane Society’s Shelter Director, Haley Predragovich, says the shelter is becoming crowded and it feels like they are “bursting at the seams with kittens.”

 “Kittens alone, we have 24 kittens available for adoption in our kitten room. That’s not even accounting all of the adults we have as well. If anybody is interested in adopting a shelter kitty, please come out and take a look.”

Predragovich asks that people consider donating supplies such as cat food, dog food, and scoopable litter.

 “If anyone is interested or able to make those donations, they can be drop shipped to the shelter. I always encourage people to come out to the shelter and take a look around – see what their donations are going toward.”

For those who may not be ready to commit to a pet, the humane society offers fostering services. Fostering allows for long-term or anxious residents to leave the shelter and decompress in a home until adopted.

For more information on the adoption or fostering process, visit or call 330-343-6060.

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