Nick McWilliams reporting – Long-time Dover Law Director Doug O’Meara is facing a challenge from the daughter of the city’s former attorney in Gina Space.

O’Meara became the city’s law director in 2007, while Space, whose father is former Law Director and U.S. Representative Zack Space, was elected to a council-at-large seat in 2021 in Dover.

Throughout more than a decade and a half as the leading legal voice in the city, O’Meara wants to implement more economic development legislation in Dover, while also continuing work on litigation in the city.

“We’ve had seven [suits] out of 16 years, and I’m five out of seven. And the last two we are going to win. I’m confident of that. And sometimes you have to stand up for right when right is right, and you have to fight wrong when wrong is wrong, and do the right thing.”

Prior to taking over in Dover, O’Meara worked in a private practice, and also served as law director in Uhrichsville, Mineral City, Roswell, and other municipalities.

For Space, who is a practicing attorney that worked in Columbus in local government, she discussed the idea of Dover becoming a charter city, which she says would more deeply involve the law director position in the policy making process.

“On council, I’ve suggested the idea that maybe we look towards a charter form of government to sort of be more proactive in dealing with challenges, like the ones we’ve dealt with recently. Rather than being reactive, constantly.”

O’Meara says that he presents the knowledge and experience to advance the city.

Space meanwhile said that she wants to “turn the page” related to recent litigation in the city, and place a focus solely on helping Dover thrive.

The winner will appear as the Democratic nominee on the November ballot, with no Republican candidate having filed.   

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