Uhrichsville Chief Justin Edwards shakes the hand of Firefighter Cory Paisley.

Nick McWilliams reporting – Four firefighters from the Uhrichsville Department were recognized for their handling of the first few moments of a fire at Jaycee Village.

The incident at the apartment complex in late May displaced over 70 residents, but quick action prevented any major injuries.

On Thursday night, Fire Chief Justin Edwards applauded his staff for their efforts to keep residents safe.

“These gentlemen did their job that day. That’s what we do. But they did it exceptionally. That’s not the normal fire we see. Usually, it’s a single story, or a two-story home. They rolled up on a 48-unit apartment complex occupied by 75 people. With four guys. They were by themselves for the first four minutes.”

The firefighters recognized were Sean Luce, Taylor Fach, Brennan McGarry, and Cory Paisley. They were the first four on scene, working to pull a two-and-a-half inch attack line — the largest they carry on the truck — up three flights of stairs to address the blaze.

Luce also helped a woman out of the building in zero visibility conditions due to the volume of smoke.

Edwards noted that the formal recognition did not specific names of the firefighters, due to the mentality the department has on a daily basis.

“On their certificates, we didn’t name them individually. Because we preached teamwork here at the fire department. And they were the example of it that day.”

The chief also said that the management staff of Jaycee have been working tirelessly trying to get the building ready to house tenants again.

Staff installed new smoke detectors in every room, with new fire exit signs, and a full inspection was carried out this week. Edwards expected at least two-thirds of residents being allowed back in in the next few days.

Pictured from left to right – Firefighters Brennan McGarry, Sean Luce, Taylor Fach, and Cory Paisley.

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