Mary Alice Reporting –

After multiple reports, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is issuing an alert of a possible law enforcement imposter.

In a Facebook video, Captain Doug Hunter said they were notified of three incidents, within three days, and these individuals said they were pulled over by what they felt was not an actual law enforcement officer.

Hunter explained that the imposter is using a dark colored sedan equipped with a spotlight, red and blue lights inside the vehicle on the visor, and there may be markings or numbers where the front license plate would go. He added that caution is needed since these descriptive markings can be altered.

“What’s been happening is the person has been pulling people over, asking them some questions, and so forth, and essentially trying to lure women, at least two of the vehicles contained women, asking them to step out of the car.”

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office suspects that women are the target since in one incident, as the fake officer approached the vehicle, he noticed a man was inside and discontinued approaching and left the supposed traffic stop.

Hunter pointed out that traffic violations are, typically, not carried out by law enforcement in an unmarked car.

“The person is described as wearing a uniform, perhaps even with a body camera, with the word sheriff across the front of his chest. Described as a tall, thin male.”

Anyone being pulled over by someone or a vehicle matching the description is asked to report the situation immediately.

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